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Hello, and welcome to my website! I am Joseph, often known online as racecar56. I’m a computer repair tech, and also a huge fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog game series – it holds a lot of meaning for me. I’m also an aspiring artist & voice actor.

Here on this website, you’ll find things like some of my noteworthy computers of my collection over the years, and just a bit of what I have to say about them and some other things.

I had a website years ago, hosted at racecar56.no-ip.org:81, which had gained some popularity amongst friends and others. Although my followers enjoyed it, due to a difficult time in my life taking so much of my energy and focus, I lost motivation to maintain the site and wound up taking it down in 2018 as the content was too dated.

Today, I want to bring the fun back for me, my friends & anybody else who might happen to find themselves in this corner of the Internet. Please note that this website is under construction – I don’t have a lot of content here yet, so please bear with me. Thank you!