Compaq Presario SR1020NX

Taken in 2015. The audio ports were missing at this time – I’ve long since fixed that.

Another one of the very first systems I fixed back in 2008! Not the best system from its era, seeing as it lacks an AGP slot – but, it’s nonetheless a milestone for me, so it gets to enjoy a showcasing spot in my collection.

One unfortunate thing that happened to this system was, in 2010, I was trying to install a giant Zalman/Fatal1ty FS-C77 CPU cooler (Why, you ask? I’m a tweaker at heart!), but I dropped a screw behind the motherboard in the process. I couldn’t find it, decided to turn on the system anyway, and…it was dead.

I still remember the feeling of my heart sinking when that happened! I replaced the board with a used one off of eBay, and it’s been fine since. Years later, I found that it created a short that baked one of the traces near the CPU socket. I junked the board.

Following this, I purchased a used replacement on eBay, and it’s been fine since. I’ve still got that same board in there, and it still works. It developed a few bad capacitors from sitting in storage forever, and I should replace them, but for now I have not. The system’s for show-and-tell more than anything else.

You’ll also notice in the picture above that the audio ports were missing at time of shot. What happened was that my Logitech speakers I was using in 2010~2011 broke the plug inside of the headphone jack! Years later, I somehow managed to recover the piece out from there, and got it working again.


  • CPU: Intel Celeron 2.80GHz (SL77T)
  • Mobo: MSI MS-6577
  • RAM: Can’t remember – maybe 512MB, or maybe I upgraded it.
  • HDD: Seagate 80GB 7200RPM, model ST380011A (still original!)

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